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What are the Gifts?
Life Energy, True Nature and Intuition that we are
Given at Birth.

Deb at Mission San Antonio
Deborah Fischbach at Mission San Antonio De Padua.


Wishing you Joy, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love for your highest good and the highest good of all.
Please enjoy your visit and come back soon, more pictures and words from the wise coming soon!

Please call or email Deborah with questions or general inquires.
707 937 2133 Tues-Thurs. 10am to 6pm PST in Mendocino County, California
email; itsdeb@mcn.org

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Since my teenage years I've been interested in metaphysics and life styles, that had more to them than 'The American Dream' of success. As a young mother, I wondered how to facilitate healing of children and friends. Occasionally, I wondered onto the correct path and used my intuition to help me but ONLY when the NEED was desperate and I could think of nothing else to do! Now after all these years I have the tools, Reiki attunement, and the knowledge to heal.

One must find the calm place within to access intuition and true nature.

Rei means truth or divine guided  -  Ki means life energy or life force.

Energy Therapy
(from Four Seasons Spa, Maui, Island Resort)
"A 2500 year old healing practice, rediscovered by the Japanese, means 'Universal Life force energy'. It is one of the more widely known forms of healing, through direct application of Ki. The term Ki is used by Japanese mystics and martial artists for the underlying force from which the Universe is comprised. It is believed that Reiki can relieve pain, boost the immune system and relieve acute problems. The Reiki practitioner uses their hands to channel energy from the universe to your body, to promote self-healing. Reiki is deeply relaxing and recharging at the same time.


The Five Objects of the Reiki Ryoho.(From Japan)

Tai (body) - Ken (health)
The body is the temple of our true Nature, our Holy Spirit. Knowing this, we should take care of it and worship in it. Ultimately, we will not be able to endure enlightenment without a healthy body.
We can make the body strong with Reiki, meditation, proper diet and ...laughter!

En (relation, fate, love, karma) - Bi (beauty)
"Beauty and Love go hand in hand. If you see the beauty in every being sentient or insentient, you are bound to live a peaceful and fulfilled life."

Kokoro (heart + mind) - Makoto (sincerity, authenticity)
Kokoro, the unity of heart and mind. The way to achieve this unity is by being our authentic (true) selves.

Sai (talent) - Chikara (power)
"Talent and power go together. When we follow our talent, the result is a power that no one can resist. There's no need to fear our own abilities!"

Tsutome (duty) - Do (work)
"Our Duty is to work on ourselves. In whatever we do, we should give the best we have. There's no need to hold back what we can give to others_and to ourselves."

Deborah has been on a path all her life to bring
the joy of healing to her self, her family and friends, as well as cultivating her True Nature.

After 10 years study Ms. Fischbach has completed
the Master/Teacher course of the
Usui Method of Natural Healing.
Usui Reiki Ryoho.

She is delighted to bring the Gift of Reiki Healing and the cultivation of one's True Self
to Mendocino County residents with an interest.

Lecture demonstrations, Treatments and Classes
available by appointment;
Treatments; Natural Energy Balance for relaxation and natural healing.

Distance healing; for extreme cases needing treatment, but not able to be with the practitioner in person. Deborah has several years experience in distance healing and works with the client to activate the healing process.
Attunements; Reiki attunements level 1 & 2 for those interested in becoming Practitioners, to work on yourself, & family, to add to another healing career, or to start your own practice.
Classes are Two 5 hour days, allowing lots of practice time for clear understanding of attunement effects and change. We also enjoy a buffet lunch break each day.
Each student is presented with a study packet (day 1) and a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of class (day 2).
House Blessings; for Spiritual enlightenment, abundance, purity, beauty and prosperity.

Healing for situations, job interviews, new adventure or research project, applying Reiki can be helpful in many situations.

My Own Words:

"Healing begins with Truth and Beauty is the end result."
"We need to live our lives with Gratitude, Joy, Forgiveness and Love."
"We need to change our habits for the Highest Good of All."
"Always intend to be your True Self by connecting and listening to your True Nature."
"Pay attention to your own Intention!"
 "True Self
   True Nature
     Universal Connection to All."

Reiki Source Sign

Reiki source sign
Draw with hand/finger to put Reiki on a situation, an object or yourself and others for healing. Always state your intent " For person's name highest good and the highest loving good of all."
Start with top line coming down (father), draw counterclockwise circle (mother), diamond inside the circle (spirit), and last 3 lines counterclockwise (within and without).

Reiki Principles (In America)

"Just for today give thanks for your many blessings

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will be kind to myself, my neighbor and every living thing."

Easter Lillies

Olaf Palm painting

Painting of Ernie Fischbach by Olaf Palm

Below are some inspirational words that I find warrant rereading.

From the journals of Artist, Olaf Palm as printed in the book, Olaf Palm, A life in Art by Irene B Thomas, 2005.

"My immediate home life has to take care of itself. I have to think only of my work and my harmony. I have to become close to my self and God and EM (EM=Earth Mother). I must be aware of this situation as a phase.
It's a point of time in the continuing flux-flow of my life".

From Ethical Philosophies of India, speaking on the Upanisadic period of Spiritual Growth.

Laws and regulations are necessary for those men who do not naturally conform to the dictates of conscience.
But for those who have risen above their selfish egos, morality becomes the very condition of their being and law is fulfilled in love.

From Don Michael Ruiz a Toltec wise man's formula.

"Be impeccable with your words.
Don't take anything personally.
Don't make assumptions.
Do your best."

Photos of Deborah with Students

Hands on healing head position
Deborah works on a friend after doing 2 days of attunements.

Students and teacher practice after level one attunements
Students and teacher practice after level one attunements.

Treatments and Attunement Classes
available by appointment.

TREATMENTS; Natural Energy Balance for relaxation and natural healing.

PAYMENT can be trade or $ or both. No set fees. Fee discussed and settled upon before treatment.

I give treatments on a portable massage table, or standing with client in a chair. I actually live 10 miles of paved, 2 lane road from Comptche, CA. and 1 mile of dirt driveway after that! So I mostly treat neighbors and friends. Please call if you need treatment and live within 30 miles of Comptche! 937-2133

Interested Parties; if someone in the Area (Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties) would like to help organize a demonstration afternoon or evening I'd be willing to travel and share my Reiki knowledge, by way of introduction to Natural Healing.

DISTANCE HEALING; Can be requested for yourself or a family member or friend and paid for as above.

HOUSE BLESSINGS; My husband (a master/practitioner) and myself come and bless your home with Reiki energy, no set fees, as for treatments.

ATTUNEMENTS; Reiki attunements level 1 & 2 for folks interested in becoming Practitioners, i. e. healers weather to use personally or with clients.

Classes are two - 5 hour days + lunch break, allowing lots of practice time for a clear understanding of attunement effects and change.
Prices are per person, per 2 day class, which varies according to location etc., family discounts available upon request.
Each student is presented with a study packet (day 1) and a framed, and attuned Certificate of Achievement upon completion of class (day 2).

The Institute For Traditional Studies, ITS
A registered non-profit corporation, Chartered 1979
Deborah Fischbach, ITS program director and webmaster
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