Board of Directors

Fiscal 2008-2009

Executive Director; Deborah Fischbach
Secretary; Barbara Solomom Brown
Treasurer; Trent Anderson
Regular Board Member; David Brown

Program Director and Webmaster

Deborah Fischbach


Chris Martin
Joanne Grantz
Alan Kieth
Holly Tannen
Lee Birch
Brian Steeger
Marianne Steeger
Ernest Fischbach
Jehan Paul
Holly Hoods M.A.
Peter Barg M.D.
Scott Andrews Ph.D.
Janna Hansen
Frannie Leopold P. A.
Scott Claypool P. A.
Lisa Emonds Ellis
Edwin Ellis
Elizabeth Clark
Allen "Mickie" Zekley
Professor Markwyn Ph.D.

ITS History

Voices of 1846 - A California Legacy; Partnership with James Kelty & Associates. Provided financial support and in-kind contributions for this historical reenactment film for the California 4th Grade History Curriculum.
Presented "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra" at many events including; "Celebrating California, Admission Day 2000 Festival." Costumed musicians played for the Alta California dancers who taught Early California dances to the audience, and danced with them in the gold rush era tent in Capitol Park, Sacramento.
1997 to present:
Sponsor of "Travel Radio Journeys", winner of 1998 Golden Reel Award, Pat Lawrence producer. Received funding 10/2000 earmarked for travel to Amman, Jordan for the "Peace through Tourism Conference."
1997 to 1999:
In 1997 we became a sponsor for Mike Seeger's (traditional) "Southern Banjo Styles" video series. Mike working with our project coordinator, Heath Curdts managed to raise 15,000 for the project in 1997 and another 15,000 in 1999.
Applied to and awarded CAC "Artist in Communities" matching grants for Omar Ait-Vimoun Mohktari and his Pacific Andaluse Conservatory of North African Music, enabling Omar to teach interested musicians for free.
1995 to 1996:
Developed and coordinated music and musicians for Los Californios (now renamed The Alta California Orchestra) CD, "Fandango at Sonoma" in partnership with The Living History Centre. Research for this CD had been on going since 1979 when the Institute was founded. Please visit The Alta California Orchestra page for updates on the orchestra and their ongoing performances and residencies. Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra:

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