Community Fandango an event to be celebrated!

View our short video on U-Tube, titled; "Community Fandango".

Filmed at Braciforte Small Schools in Santa Cruz, outdoors at historic Olompali State Park in Marin and at The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

Whether you are a presenter, teacher, principal, mission, historical society, PTA or community group, you can sponsor a residency or a performance.
Organizers can also combine the two for a discount rate and more social dancing fun!

RESIDENCIES K-12: We are excited to be able to book residences, targeting K-12 School Children (an afternoon of listening, singing, dance instruction and dancing) through our sponsor organization the "Institute for Traditional Studies" aka "ITS".
All K-12 residencies will include California Folk Dance Traditions Instruction Booklet and CD with 9 dances, chords and words for a waltz, lesson plans and a description of a California Fandango. Our teaching booklet and CD were made in partnership with the "National Endowment for the Arts" NEA, "California Arts Council" CAC and "Western States Arts Federation" WESTAF.

PUBLIC PERFORMANCES: Live band, playing dance music for all to enjoy. If we know any local musicains who would like to participate we will always try to include them!

Combine a Residency (students learning the dances) with a "Fandango" (Performance, Dance Party) so children can invite friends and family to eat, (pot luck), dance, sing and enjoy their community.

Please call or email Deborah at the Institute for Traditional Studies; e-mail or 707 937-2133 for current fees.

Get the Community involved; Contact local restaurants, hotels, banks and businesses to support school arts education. Fees can be supplemented with lodging, food, etc., provided by Community businesses and organizations.

Cover of CD painting by William GIlkerson   New mix here, with 4 new tracks!! All tracks enhanced at Peter Temple Studios in Albion.
Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra "Fandango at Sonoma" CD sales and info

TEACHERS!!! AVAILABLE NOW! California Folk Dance Traditions Instruction Booklet and CD. Created by Deborah Fischbach and The Alta California Orchestra as part of American Masterpieces-California Residency Program.

Link to contents of booklet, sample dance tune and more about the Booklet and the talented folks who made it. Also purchasing and 'package deal' including Performance CD, "Fandango at Sonoma", combined with instruction booklet and CD.
Important: If you already have the booklet; go to the Booklet link for some suggestions which should help you to make several lesson plans using this booklet. After you read my suggestions and look it over, if you have questions regarding how the steps go or the timing, or music please call me, Deborah at 707 937 2133.


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ITS is the proud sponsor of the Villa de Branciforte Preservation Society and their good works; Seeking recognition and preservation of the unique character and history of the Villa de Branciforte area in Santa Cruz. Founded in 1797, Villa de Branciforte is a unique occurrence in Spanish Colonial history. Unlike the Spanish missions, the Villa was secular, and unlike the other two original secular settlements, the pueblos of Los Angeles and San Jose, Branciforte was a "villa," the only villa to be created during the Spanish Colonial era in California.

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The Alta California Orchestra "Fandango at Sonoma" CD sales and info

"California Folk Dance Traditions Instruction Booklet and CD" Discount purchase on Booklet, CD and "Fandango" CD.

View and purchase ITS Street Musician Postcard Series featuring 1960's California street performers. The Golden Toad, Raggle Tagle Gypsies and The Minstrel Band.

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Deborah, Webmaster, Dance Master, Percussionist with The Alta California Orchestra

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If your business, society or non-profit company would like more information you can call Deborah Fischbach: (707) 937-2133 e-mail or write: ITS or The Alta California Orchestra at; 21512 Orr Springs Rd., Ukiah, CA. 95482.

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