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Many of our musicians are on CD Baby for your listening enjoyment.

* ITS would like to thank Melissa Fischbach for all her computer help and special thanks for her redesign and color additions to our logo and our web design, you can view her web page at; Equine Design Graphics featuring "Equine Design" Logo art, graphics, layout services, web-design, animal and people fine portrait art and award winning photography. Melissa's online horse tac Baroque Horse Store; gifts, specialty world horse tac and more!

* One of our incredible musicians David Brown has a website now, cut and paste or click here.

* You can find more recordings by Ernie Fischbach A Cid Symphony and lots of 60's and early '70's music at; GearFab

* Visit Gerald Van Waes Belgium free radio special page devoted to Ernie Fischbach's 1966 recording "A Cid Symphony."

* Alan Keith, Bagpiper/maker and student-friend of Robert D "Bob" Thomas; Alan

* Bear's tribute to Bob Thomas, RDT with stories and more.

* El Californio, E.Z. Marc, real audio of early California music, government link to archives of early California; Marc

* Villa de Branciforte recognize, preserve and appreciate history of the Villa de Branciforte landmark area. The Institue is happy to SPONSOR this worthy project. Founded in 1797, Villa de Branciforte is a unique occurrence in Spanish Colonial history. Unlike the Spanish missions, the Villa was secular, and unlike the other two original secular settlements, the pueblos of Los Angeles and San Jose, Branciforte was a "villa," the only villa to be created during the Spanish Colonial era in California. Working on a grant to purchase historical adobe site and construct an information center

* Flamenco Friends include: Evan Harrar A photographic tribute to the flamenco music tradition of Diego del Gastor and Morón de la Frontera, with a special page for Chris Carnes.

* Flamenco Romántico, Marianna & Federico Mejia; News, in-house concerts, photos and fun. Flamenco Romántico

* Singer, Songwritter, Superwomen, Judy Mayhan Judy Mayhan's career as a recording artist began in 1962 when Horizon Records published her first album, Rockin' The Cradle, which presented Judy's remarkably clear and precise soprano voice singing traditional American folk songs and accompanying herself on mountain dulcimer.

* For an incredible music resource site visit, American Musicologicl Society.

* For Bay Area Latin Performing Ensemble visit, Coro Hispano de San Francisco.

* The Institute for Traditional Studies would like to thank Mickie Zekley former owner, "Lark in the Morning" for all past help they have provided with this web page and ITS projects. Visit Lark in the Morning, A World of Music.
Mickie has retired and sold (to great people) Lark in the Morning, he now runs Lark Camp, a world music and dance camp on the Mendocino coast, with his wife, Beth. Check it out at Lark Camp Web Site.

* Andrea Cleall, our webmaster's aunt is a fantastic Artist. You can visit her site and see lots of paintings. Andrea's paintings.

* For local County Arts Organizations click on Mendocino Arts

* Interesting site from The Mistress of Folklore Holly Tannen and Practical Alchemy.

* A collection of links to music related websites and newsgroups.

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