Mike Seeger Southern Banjo Styles Video Series

June 2001, Volumn 1 and 2 released , volumn 3 coming early in 2002.

The Institute for Traditional Studies has received a generous grant from the Kasle Foundation in support of Mike Seeger's latest video project, provisionally titled "Southern Banjo Styles." With the release of his Grammy Award-nominated Smithsonian Folkways CD, "Mike Seeger: Southern Banjo Sounds" (SFW CD 40107), Mike has begun production on a series of instructional videotapes to be distributed by Homespun Tapes. Like the CD, this video series will be a survey of traditional Southern banjo techniques, styles, instrumentals and songs, played solo by Mike on a variety of 23 mostly vintage banjos. Styles range from 19th-century African-American Mississippi style to a song played in the style evolved in the 1940's by North Carolinian Earl Scruggs. Find anywhere Homespun videos, cd's and tapes are sold.
I had our Banjo/Rebab player, Brian Steeger review these tapes.
He had two comments; the first was there will be no written review as he can't type!
The Second was; These videos are great, full of information, tricks and sound advise. For all levels of playing.

Mike's home page; http://mikeseeger.pair.com/

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