The Institute For Traditional Studies, ITS

A registered non-profit corporation
Chartered 1979

Mission Statement

The Institute For Traditional Studies is an educational non-profit organization, founded in Ukiah, California. The purpose, for which this Corporation is formed, is to be: As an educational organization which researches, learns and executes those traditional music, dances, costumes, arts, crafts, sciences and technologies that comprise those which were once our native heritage. Secondly, make these traditions available to schools, institutions and the general public. In order to disseminate these techniques and this information, the Institute for Traditional Studies will hold theatrical presentations, lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. It will also assist in the founding and operation of libraries and museums, act as an artistic and technical consultant to schools, institutions and other interested groups and teach adults and children the arts, crafts, technologies, etc. that are the legacy of all the peoples of California and the world.

All donations are tax-deductible, please remember The Institute for Traditional Studies with an earmarked (pick a project of your choice) donation in your last will and testament.

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