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- "Senior Artists in Need Fund". Helping retired Artists that are struggling. It's a new fund and can be chosen as an option under the Donate button.

-"Transferring ITS Musical Archives to Digital". Working to bring the musical archives of friends and founders of ITS into the modern era with the complete digitizing of recorded and written collections.

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Our logo the phoenix raising, was originally designed by Robert Donovan (Bob) Thomas, who was a founding member of the Institute. Though the original drawing was lost; an embossing stamp remained. Melissa Fischbach, who knew Robert since her birth has copied the stamp design as close as possible. Bob Thomas is most recognized for his famous logo (Skull with lightning bolt) that he and Ernie Fischbach designed for the Grateful Dead, (rock band).

- Robert Thomas


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ill_1The Institute for Traditional Studies researches, performs and promotes traditional arts education.



ill titleMisson Statement

  The Institute for Traditional Studies is an educational non-profit organization, founded in Ukiah, California. The purpose, for which this Corporation is formed, is to be: As an educational organization which researches, learns and executes those traditional music, dances, costumes, arts, crafts, sciences and technologies that comprise those which were once our native heritage. Secondly, make these traditions available to schools, institutions and the general public.

ill_2  In order to disseminate these techniques and this information, the Institute for Traditional Studies will hold theatrical presentations, lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. It will also assist in the founding and operation of libraries and museums, act as an artistic and technical consultant to schools, institutions and other interested groups and teach adults and children the arts, crafts, technologies, etc. that are the legacy of all the peoples of California and the world.

All donations are tax-deductible.