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          "Memories of a true Renaissance Man"


A Robert Donovan Thomas video is currently in production. RDT born July 21, 1939, died December 16, 1993. Band leader of "The Golden Toad", "Raggle Taggle Gypsies", "Pipe & Bowl Morris", The French Cheese band, "Le Camembert" and more. Video will include footage of Robert playing music, many stills of his paintings, artwork and performances at Renaissance faire, Sweets Mill, the streets of San Francisco, Preston Mansion and the Dickens Faire.

Robert had many accomplishments. His artistic ones include:

We have to date been gifted donations from, Craig's List, The Living History Centre and Private Donors.

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       "Transferring ITS Musical Archives to Digital"

ITS is in partnership with The Living History Centre, private donors and volunteers. Working to bring the musical archives of friends and founders of ITS into the modern era with the complete digitizing of recorded and written collections.

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          "Chris Carnes ` the Musical Journey of a Flamenco Guitarist"

A Video project is currently pending: "Gitanos Caballeros" The Gypsy Life, will be a story of Chris Carnes' adventures in Andalusia. Chris was a student, teacher and historian of Andalusian Gypsy Flamenco guitar, specializing in the accompaniment of singers and dancers.


Left: Unknown guitarist, Center: Carmen Amaya Right: Chris Carnes. Mexico City circa 1960's

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      "Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra"

"Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra" Sponsored by ITS. Costumed musicians play the music of Early California missions and can also teach the dances. For Performances, weddings, dances, fandangos, fairs and special events.

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                         Community Fandango

Sponsored by ITS. Costumed musicians play the music of Early California missions. The Orchestra can combine a public performance, fandango, fiesta or barn dance with a K-12 School residency,
teaching the children the dances first and having them bring friends and family to the school "Fandango".

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World Music Program, Cultural Arts and Music K-12:

World Music Program, Cultural Arts and Music K-12. This Program focuses on the music and musical history of world cultures, with students drawing displayed instruments as they listen to live music being played.

Musical history from Ancient Persia through Afghanistan and India, the Moorish civilization to Renaissance Europe and today. Playing Antique and unique instruments from their own collection, this husband and wife team plant the seeds of culture into the imaginations of the students, giving them much food for thought.

Deborah playing frame drum  drawing of men playing instruments 4th grade student drawing of Oud with music and words

Student art by Arianne Sharaf, Kurt Baker, "Find the cost of Freedom" by Carinne and last one by Lena.

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